Daymak Wild Goose 60V - Electric Bicycle



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Black - 60V
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With more power and more torque, take the original fat tire ebike from Daymak to all new limits.


Ready for whatever, wherever!

The Wild Goose 60V is the evolution of Daymak’s first electric fat tire ebike now powered with a 60V lithium ion battery pack allowing it climb higher inclines, trudge through more treacherous terrains and accelerate even faster. Whether it is rain, sleet, sand or snow, the Wild Goose 60V can handle it with ease, so ride longer and keep the adventure going.


Oversized tires for all terrains

With the Wild Goose 60V’s 26 x 4.0 fat tires, you will have the stability and traction to ride on anything; from bumpy pothole ridden roads, to off the beaten path, the Wild Goose will keep you going. Pair these tires with the front and rear mud guards to help keep yourself clean!


Hydraulic Disc Brakes

With all the power, it’s only fitting that we put the best of the best braking system to make sure you can stop when you need with the Wild Goose 60V. These hydraulic disc brakes ensure that your safety is a top priority.


Pour on the power with 5 levels of Pedal Assist or Autonomous Thumb Throttle

Choose from 1 – 5 levels of pedal assist to keep you up to speed while tackling the terrains, or push the 500W brushless DC motor to full power with the autonomous thumb throttle to get up to speeds of 32 km/h without pedaling!


7 Speed Shimano Shifters

If you want to get a little exercise or you road a little longer than you were suppose to, the Wild Goose 60V comes with 7 speed quick shift Shimano shifters, so you can configure the manual gears with a quick press of a button.


Back Lit Digital LED display

Keep your performance at a glance with the back lit LED display on the Wild Goose 60V. Whether you need to know your battery level, how far you’ve travelled, or most importantly how fast you’re going, we got you covered. 



Rear Rack for storage

The Wild Goose 60V also comes with a rear carrying rack that can carry up to 55 lbs on it making it perfect for taking your equipment with you or even food delivery services. Let the Wild Goose do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the scenery.




Motor 500W Hybrid Pie Brushless Hub Motor
Battery 60V 12.5AH Lithium Ion Polymer
Battery Life 1000 charges per Battery
Removable battery Yes
Charge time 3 - 4 hours
Lights Front LED
Max load 120 kg
Net weight 40 kg
Box Dimensions --
In Box Weight --
Range up to 50 km
Climbing incline 15 degrees
Tire size 26" x 4"
Gauges Battery level, speedometer, odometer, 6 speed pedal-assist mode, 7 speed Shimano tourney Gearing system
Brakes Disc brakes
Pedal Assist 0 - 5 Levels
Key ignition No


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