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Minimalistic in feel and style, with tons of features that keep each ride unique and full of adventure.


Sleek and Stylish

The Tofino X is the sleek ebike that has a classic look and feel that brings a traditional bicycle style to the world of electric. With it’s 21” frame with the battery built directly into the down tube you get all the features of an electric bike while keeping the inconspicuous aesthetic of regular one.


Storage for those who want more

New to the Tofino X, is the rear rack and saddle bags allowing you to carry whatever you need, whenever! Whether you want to bring a charger for the quick top up when you’re stopped, or books in between classes that Tofino X has got you covered.


36V Lithium-Ion battery Pack

The built in 36V 7.8AH Lithium-ion battery pack paired with the 350W motor gives the power that you need to climb the steep hills that come your way. With a range of up to 40 kms autonomously you will be able to get to where you need to, and with the pedal assist function extend the range to go even further!


Shimano SIS Quick Shifters

For the times you want to ride the old-fashioned way, the Tofino X can switch gears with the Shimano SIS shifters at a moments notice. Choose from up to 6 gears to increase or decrease the difficulty of pedaling. 



700 x 32C Road Tires

Sometimes less is more, and in this case, it holds to be true with the 700 x 32C road tires on the Tofino X. Keep the bike lightweight and with as little friction as possible to maximize the range and speed.


Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Make sure that you come to a stop the moment that you need with the Tofino X’s rear disc brakes. With the electronic motor cut off, the Tofino X will cut all power to the motor to make sure that the pedal assist function doesn’t engage when you need to stop. 




Name Tofino 36V
Speed 32 km/h
Range Up to 40 km
Battery Lithium Ion
Battery Life 1000 cycles
Voltage 36V
Amp Hour 7.8AH
Watt Hours 281WH
Pedal Assist 5 Level
Speed Levels 6 Speed Shimano
Motor 350W 
Throttle Push Throttle
Cruise Control N/A
Display Back-Lit LED
Front Wheel 28"
Rear Wheel 28"
Battery Weight 5 lbs.
Boxed Length 72
Boxed Width 10
Box Height 37
Boxed Weight 59 lbs
Assembled Length 70"
Assembled Width 23"
Assembled Height 41"
Assembled Weight 57 lbs
Ground Clearance 8"
Seat Height 37"
Seat Width 6"
Seat Length 10"
Wheel Base 45"
Frame Size 21" ST 23" TT 5" HT
Removable Battery No
Lights LED
Charger 42V 2.0A
Charge Time 2 - 4 Hours
Max Load 275 lbs.
Climbing Incline 20 degrees
Front Brakes V Brakes
Rear Brakes Drum Brakes
Gauges Battery Level
Ignition Key Ignition
Front Shocks Disc Brakes
Rear Shocks Disc Brakes
Controller Standard
Rear / Basket Storage Rear Rack
Under Seat Storage No
Rear / Basket Storage Volume N/A
Under Seat / Glove Storage N/A
MP3  No
Occupancy 1
Alarm No
Steering Lock No
Center Kickstand No
Foldable No
Folded Dimensions N/A


Tofino X from Daymak on Vimeo.

Tofino from Daymak on Vimeo.


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