White Glove Service

You've been taking care of your family this entire year, let us take care of you. Within 50 kilometers from one of our Ebike Universe store,  we are offering the White Glove Service Plan, to all electric vehicles sold to make sure your EV is running in tip top shape all year long. 


The White Glove Service Plan includes the following: 


 **Within 50 kms from any local Ebike Universe store **

*One free check up which includes:

    +A thorough examination of the tread condition of all tires.

   + Tire pressure check and top up.

   + Brake examination on, levers, pads and other calipers. 

    +Cleaning and lubicration of all chains and bearings.

    +Testing and re-alignment of gear shift and derailleurs.

+Brake fluid check

+bolts and fasteners Check and tightening

+steering check and alignment

+function switches check

+Battery, charger, and charger port check


The White Glove service is valued at $199 and can be added with any ebike purchase.  Don't wait until spring to get a new ebike , save big with the amazing sale prices and get the White Glove Service Plan free! 

**For pick ups outside 50 km, a credit toward the total value of the pick up would be applied to the cost.