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Introducing the Boomerbuggy X Pro, the pinnacle of luxury and convenience in the world of electric mobility scooters. This fully enclosed masterpiece is designed to elevate your travel experience with its exceptional features and unmatched comfort. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the Boomerbuggy X Pro sets a new standard for mobility solutions.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Stay comfortable no matter the weather with the Boomerbuggy X Pro's integrated heating and air conditioning systems. This innovative feature allows you to set the perfect temperature inside the fully enclosed cabin, ensuring a pleasant ride year-round. Whether it's a scorching summer day or a chilly winter morning, you can relax and enjoy your journey in a climate-controlled environment.

Back Up Camera

Say goodbye to parking woes and blind spots with the Boomerbuggy X Pro's advanced back-up camera. This convenient addition provides a clear view of your surroundings, allowing for confident and safe maneuvering. Navigating through tight spaces and crowded areas becomes effortless, ensuring your peace of mind and enhancing overall safety.

Power Windows

Experience the epitome of convenience with the power windows feature of the Boomerbuggy X Pro. Adjust the windows at the touch of a button to let in a refreshing breeze or create a quiet, enclosed space. The power windows not only enhance comfort but also provide an additional layer of protection against external elements, ensuring a serene and enjoyable ride.

Full Colour Display with MP3 and Radio

The Boomerbuggy X Pro takes entertainment to the next level with its vibrant full-color display. This high-resolution screen serves as your entertainment hub, capable of playing your favorite MP3 tracks and keeping you connected to your preferred radio stations. Enjoy your personalized soundtrack or catch up on the latest news and podcasts as you cruise along in style.

No License or Insurance Required!

One of the remarkable aspects of the Boomerbuggy X Pro is that it doesn't require any license or insurance to ride. This means you can hit the road with ease, free from the complexities of legal requirements. Enjoy the freedom to explore your surroundings while staying compliant with regulations, making the Boomerbuggy X Pro a hassle-free and accessible mobility solution for everyone.

In summary, the Boomerbuggy X Pro redefines luxury and convenience in the world of electric mobility scooters. With its exceptional features, including heating and air conditioning, power windows, a back-up camera, and a full-color display with MP3 and radio capabilities, it offers a ride like no other. Experience the pinnacle of comfort, style, and freedom as you embark on your next adventure with the Boomerbuggy X Pro.


Name Boomerbuggy X Pro
Motor 1200W
Voltage 60V
Amp Hour 45AH
Watt Hours 2700WH
Battery Life 300 cycles
Battery Lead Acid
Removable Battery Only during replacement
Charger 60V 3.0A 110V
Charge Time 8 - 9 Hours
Lights Incadescent / LED
Max Load 550 lbs.
Assembled Weight 520 lbs.
Assembled Length 87"
Assembled Width 45"
Assembled Height 64"
Seat Height 32"
Seat Width 18"
Seat Length 15"
Boxed Weight 550 lbs.
Boxed Length 89
Boxed Width 45
Box Height 65
Range Up to 60 km
Speed 20 km/h
Climbing Incline 20 degrees
Front Wheel 125 / 65-12
Rear Wheel 125 / 65-12
Gauges Battery Level / Speedometer / Odometer / Trip Meter
Ground Clearance 9"
Wheel Base 61"
Battery Weight 160 lbs.
Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Front Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Ignition Key Ignition
Front Shocks Dual Coil
Rear Shocks Dual Coil
Controller Standard
Pedal Assist N/A
Speed Levels 3 Speeds
Throttle Push / Pull Throttle
Cruise Control No
Display Full Colour LED
Frame Size N/A
Rear / Basket Storage Yes
Under Seat Storage No
Rear / Basket Storage Volume N/A
Under Seat / Glove Storage No
MP3 Bluetooth / Radio / USB
Occupancy 1
Alarm No
Steering Lock No
Center Kickstand No
Foldable No
Folded Dimenison N/A



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