Daymak Roadstar 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter with MP4


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Looking for the speed and style of the Roadstar with just a little more balance? Look no further with the all new Roadstar Four Wheel mobility scooter from Daymak! The Roadstar four wheel gives those who have balance issues that extra bit of stability and peace of mind. It also comes with a hard-top canopy and windshield that provides a bit of shelter from the rain and shade from the sun! It’s built-in rear-view camera display right on your dashboard with a flick of the button so you can make sure you don’t have any unexpected bumps while backing up! You can also play your favourite videos and songs right on the digital dash via USB key, or connect wirelessly through Bluetooth to play songs, listen to the radio and even answer phone calls! The Roadstar Four wheel has lots of features to make every outing whether it’s along the beach or even just to get groceries a memorable one. Don’t let your mobility or balance issues stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Get the Daymak Roadstar Four Wheel today!



Motor 1000W
Battery 60V 20AH Lead Acid
Battery Life 300 charges
Removable battery Yes
Charger 60V 3A
Charge time 4 - 6 hours
Lights LED
Max load 158.7 kg or 350 lbs
Net weight 266 lbs
Dimensions Assembled 73"x29"x68"
Seat Height 29"
Seat Width 19"
Seat Length 17"
In Box Weight 322 lbs
Range Up to 40 km
Top Speed 23 km/h
Climbing incline 20 degrees
Front Wheel 3.0 - 8
Rear Wheel 3.0 - 10
Gauges Battery level / Speedometer / Odometer / Trip Meter
Brakes Disc Brakes
Key ignition Yes
Shocks Dual Coil
Controller Standard
Extras Interactive Full Color with video / Steering Lock / Alarm / Radio, MP3 and MPEG Playback


Roadstar Video from Daymak on Vimeo.



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