Daymak Road Warrior 72V Electric Scooter


  • Brand: Ebike Universe
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  • SKU: 100-RW100-500-72-01

The all new Daymak Road Warrior is the perfect sport electric scooter that is an absolute must have. With a frame and size slightly bigger than the EM1 and the same amount of power as the EM2 you get the best of both worlds. Its stylish LED headlights are reminiscent of something from a sci-fi movie and it comes with some cool new features to boot. The Road Warrior has a built in MP3 player and hands-free calling so you can answer your phone calls or switch songs all right at your fingertips. Another cool feature, the Road Warrior comes with  light up exhaust pipes that emulate a motorcycle in case you want to be seen AND heard. It also comes with an MP4 playback display screen so you can even watch videos while you’re relaxing or charging your bike! Get the Road Warrior from Daymak now and don’t just hear why everyone is raving about this bike, experience it!

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