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Looking For An Ebike Store In Calgary? Look No Further. 

Finding the right Ebike is hard. Electric vehicles are a wonderful investment, but to get the most for your price range, you will want to do some serious research on the brands, makes, models and styles. Thankfully, the internet can save us there- with thousands of bike options available to us at the touch of a button. 

But nothing can compare to actually getting to touch, see, and feel an Ebike before you purchase it. That leads us to the next problem- finding an Ebike store. This gets even harder when you live outside of a local metropolis.

You’re in luck today! Ebike Universe can save you time, energy and a massive amount of search power with it’s one-stop locations. We have stores all across Canada, including Calgary.

Give your Calgary Ebike Universe Store a call today! 

There Are Amazing Ebike Stores Located In The Calgary Area Near You!!

Our Calgary Ebike Universe location can take all the headaches out of your Ebike search.


The fact is, we have over twenty years of experience in the Ebike and light electric vehicle industry. Ebike Universe is a name that can be trusted for its travel record of quality and success.  We sleep, dream and breathe all things electric. We’d love to help you take charge of your ride. 

Our Calgary location is filled with expertly trained staff, passionate Ebike enthusiasts and professional customer service and technical teams ready to make sure you get the very best Ebike for your needs.

You know that your best riding season yet starts with quality Ebikes, sold at fair prices, and serviced for you by trained, knowledgeable and passionate professionals. We are excited to get you on that path.

Calgary’s Ebike Universe Store Has Quality Ebikes At Fantastic Prices! 

Exploring Calgary’s urban core, or venturing to take in its’ beautiful skyline has never been easier, or greener, when traveling by Ebike.

Oh, and did we talk about our awesome prices?

We know that Electric Bikes can be expensive. The technology that gives us fast, eco-friendly and ultra-convenient light electric transportation can come with a steep price tag.

You know the cost comes from the technologically advanced lightweight frames, high-efficiency batteries and sleek, elegant, ergonomic designs.

You want to invest in an Ebike that will pay dividends over time. And, of course, you want that investment protected by ensuring you're getting the best quality electric bike for your needs.

That’s why at Ebike Universe, we partner directly with our manufacturers to bring you the best prices for your Ebike. We go right to the source to keep our supply chains streamlined and our quality top-notch. We work with trained professionals who know our Ebikes inside and out and will make sure you’re getting a product perfect for you, and the price that works.

If you are in the Calgary region and looking for Ebikes and other light electric vehicles- Calgary’s Ebike Universe store is the place to be!

Come say hello, and let us help you make an unbeatable electric match! 

Our centrally located Calgary location is within 50 Km of downtown Calgary at  4542 Manilla Rd SE Calgary AB T2G 4B7. You can call ahead to check store hours or to make an appointment to visit, test the products and fall in love with your new Electric Bike!

Our business hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00AM-5:00PM.
Reach us at 403-879-9980