Light Electric Vehicles: The Green Answer To The Growing World Of Micro-Mobility

When you think of the Green Movement, what comes to mind? Hipsters in hand-made sweaters and vegan yogurt? Well, the yogurt might be awesome and those sweaters might be great-but does it really reflect the hectic pace of today’s modern world? 


It is a misconception to picture the green movement as a fringe, counter-culture offshoot. Because the Green Movement can be efficient, affordable and can totally integrate into today’s’ fast-paced world.

Want proof? Why wouldn’t you?

Today, we are introducing The Avvenire Series. Daymak’s new line of light electric vehicles, providing six exceptionally designed, carbon-emission free ways to travel. 

What Is Micro-Mobility? 

Glad you asked! Micro Mobility is the term trending in the industry right now for small scale transportation and the needs associated with it. They typically refer to small lightweight vehicles with speeds capped for safety.

The Avvenire series includes six Micro-Mobility vehicles, including the Terra (Ebike), the Foras (Recumbent Bike), the Aspero (ATV),  the Tectus (Mobility Scooter), the Spiritus (three-wheel Electric car) and the Skyrider (A personal flying device).

Daymak’s Avvenire Series is the answer to some serious micro-mobility needs. As a line of enclosed vehicles, they offer the average commuter the added safety of insulation from the roads.

And the innovative technology around the products (solar-trickle-charging, anyone?) will create additional bonuses like increased range, battery longevity and so much more. But to find out all those juicy details, you’ll have to stay tuned for our next blogs!

Micro-mobility is the answer to so many current consumer needs. Perfect for the light commuter, affordable for the modern consumer, great for the environment.

Micro-Mobility; Good things really do come in small packages.  

Are Light Electric Vehicles Affordable? 

Of course, they are! Who told you they weren’t? The idea that LEV’s are expensive comes from a long history of inaccurate or unfair cost comparison.

Take Electric Bikes for example. They are notably more expensive than standard bikes, but that is because they offer a level of automation that standard bikes are lacking- electrical pedal assist and motorized elements. The technological requirements of creating lightweight electrical components are advanced technology- and the drive behind that tech creates a higher price point. To compare an electric bike to a standard bike are comparing two different species. They may look the same, but the things that make them unique are worlds apart.

The short answer to the cost behind light electric vehicles? They are worth it, especially when you factor in the lower long-term maintenance and upkeep, as well as the amount of time they can be used.

For light urban commuters, joyriders, or even those looking for a safe, convenient and active way to commute around their town or city- a Light Electric Vehicle can outperform a fossil-fuel-based option in a cost comparison.

Don’t believe me?
Think of how much a tank of gas can cost you.
Think about the cost of vehicle insurance.
Add on to that car payments, if you have them.
Winterizing costs.
Technical maintenance.

Sure LEVs need maintenance too, but they take clean electrical energy from your home costing pennies on the dollar for the price of gas. 

Where Can I Get My Electric Vehicle? 

Daymak can help you there! Our innovative product line is already in the early prototype phases of testing.  Pre-orders and deposits are already available (and filling up fast!). Right now and for a limited time, you can lock in your reservation to assure you can save your spot when full deliveries begin. It will also ensure you are up to date and informed every step of the way!

You can find us at to reserve your spot today!