Winter Packing: Life Hacks For Packing When You're Riding In Winter

It’s getting cold outside- and you know what that means? Time for some handy tips for Winter Riding. What should you pack on your trip to ensure you are never too far from safety when you’re in the cold? This week, we’re giving you an inside look at what handy essential items you might want to pack when you’re riding in a winter wonderland. 

Ready to boost your winter prep riding game? Let’s charge on. 


The first thing is first- what kind of storage options do you have on your Electric Vehicle to begin with?

When it comes to Ebikes, your storage options are pretty wide-ranging. Depending on the make and model of your bike, you may have rear mountings, which can allow you to add additional storage like saddlebags.

You may have a front basket that comes with your bike- or you may have installed your own. If those options don’t mesh with your unit- you always have the good old fashion backpack that can hold your items. That backpack, or possibly a messenger bag, is probably the best storage option you’ll be considering if you are on an Escooter as well.

For Mobility scooters, you might have some more storage, like a front or rear basket, or under the seat storage. It will depend on your model type. And, if you’re super-luxe, you might have an Enclosed scooter, which would likely give you even more storage opportunity- and temperature control!


While we are on the topic of storage, let’s add waterproofing to that, too!  It sounds obvious, but get yourself a waterproof or leak-proof case or bag, or ensure your storage has similarly waterproof lining. Winter means snow, and in many cases, wet, cold, slushy conditions. So water-proofing is your friend.

Regardless of your vehicle, it’s important to assess the amount of storage you might want or need, and choose the option that works best for you.


Now that we have your storage sorted, let’s talk about what you actually want to carry with you on your ride when you’re riding in the winter.



If your hat, gloves or other warm-weather fare is getting wet on the ride, a backup set of these items is a great thing to pack. And pro-tip: Sunglasses! Not only will they provide UV protection, but they will also help prevent you from becoming snow-blind as well. There are also other great accessories such as Winter Cycling gloves that attach directly onto Handlebars, so in the case of Ebike riders, you might want to consider that winter accessory for added warmth and comfort. Finally, you can also consider throwing in a disposable poncho - since snow cases can easily turn into the rain at the drop of hat. 

Want another pro-tip? Heating pockets. Technology is amazing and there are some great options out there for reusable chemical hand warmers. These are great for both comfort and safety when travelling out on cold rides.


You might not think you’ll dehydrate when it’s cold out-but you absolutely can, so a drink is always a smart thing to pack on any trip. Water is always a great choice, but consider something with electrolytes as well. If you’re biking hard, you might be sweating out some important micro minerals that you’ll want to replace.



Batteries are affected by extreme temperatures. In the case of intense cold, this makes the battery work very hard to generate the required power, so depending on that, as well as the conditions of the road, you may find your range being negatively affected. If your unit has a removable battery, consider storing it and charging it indoors before your ride to keep it warm, and installing it in your bike right before your ride. Keeping a battery warmer, or insulator, that you can wrap your battery in, in the event of extreme cold can also be helpful. Another pro-tip? Carry a second battery with you. If you do run out of range on your first one, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be able to make it home. 

Now it’s important to note that not ALL removable batteries are light, easy to carry or easy to remove. In cases like these, consider leaving a secondary battery in a safe place at your most frequent locations- such as your workplace.


It is always a good idea to carry back up reflectors, and additional lights, in the event that you find yourself in very dark, or very snowy conditions! This is more to protect yourself from other drivers or riders you may be sharing the road with. When conditions are difficult, your visibility is an important factor for your protection. 



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You should consider taking your Ebike or EV to a professional anytime an issue arises, especially anything electrical related or tasks you are not entirely confident with handling. But for small things- like tightening bolts, screws or performing quick simple repairs- carrying a portable EV tool kit is a great option!


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Sometimes the weather turns quickly and dangerously, and it’s just not a good idea to be riding. In times like these, carrying a backup phone charger, or phone battery power source is a lifesaver. If you need to call a cab, or in the worst-case scenario- call for help, this can be the difference between an inconvenient day, and a dangerous one. Always better safe than sorry.

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Winter is a beautiful time of year, and you shouldn't shy away from going out into the winter wonderland just because of the snow. With forward-thinking, proper planning and a few contingencies, you can make sure you’re prepared for any situation- so you can enjoy your winter riding safe and worry-free.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay electric!

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