Daymak’s Green Army Is Charging On!

Daymak has launched one of its most exciting initiatives to date- The Green Army. In support of its recent product line announcement - The Daymak Avvenire Series- is now open to the public and influencers of all sizes.

The Green Army is Daymak’s Affiliate program. It operates by rewarding members with merchandise, products or cash compensation (you get to choose) in return for posting and talking about our product!

When you sign up and are approved for the Green Army, you’ll be supplied with media assets and a unique link generated specifically for you. When you post a photo with your link, and a person uses that link to place a deposit on an Avvenire product- you get rewarded. It’s that simple.


What Does The Green Army Promote?

The Daymak Avvenire series is a line up of six high-capacity zero-emission light electric vehicles, which includes The Spiritus- a fast, road-safe, two-seater all-electric car.

In 2017, transportation and commuting became the largest North American contributor to Emissions, surpassing even power generation. The greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation industry and their impact on the environment cannot be understated, but Daymak is looking to address that problem. And now, you can help.

Simply by sharing the news that an affordable, all-electric, zero-emission transportation option is coming to market, you are creating some of the most positive and proactive change possible- spreading the word to inform and encourage people to make a positive environmental impact by considering an eco-friendly transport choice.


 How Does The Green Army Help The Planet? 

You may have heard of the “Green Revolution” before. But how exactly can one be part of it?

The term conjures up images of reusable grocery bags, refusing straws at restaurants and participating in “meatless Monday”. And while all these actions undoubtedly act to help the planet, the direct tangible effects of these actions are hard to see in our daily lives.

The Daymak Green Army wants to revitalize these efforts by utilizing communication platforms many people use daily- social media. When you post about your interest and excitement for Avvenire, you’ll be supporting an eco-friendly initiative, and you’ll be able to directly track your impact!

Your reach and growth can be tracked through our third-party platform, which anyone in the Green Army will be able to see in real-time. For every person who places a deposit on an Avvenire Product using your link, your reach will be impacted, and you’ll receive direct rewards.

When we make a real and actionable change on the planet, it can be difficult and even discouraging without seeing tangible results. But with the Daymak Green Army, you’ll see the effect your work has in a very real, physical way.

Beyond that, you’ll be making changes in a way that fits seamlessly into your life. Already posting on social media? Already following pages and like-minded Influencers who support green initiatives and eco-friendly technology? Now is your chance to encourage more positive changes for an incredible cause: Supporting accessible zero-emission transportation.


What Sorts Of Rewards Do Green Army Participants Receive?

Yes! Daymak does reward you for spreading the news! All you have to do is post your thoughts, with your link and our photos, and let your audience respond. When a follower uses your link to put a deposit on an Avvenire product, you get credited for referral. One person equals one referral. The minimum referral deposit is $100. Each successful deposit can be redeemed for rewards- either product or cash compensation.

Product referrals start with Daymak “Swag”, such as hats and keychains, but the more referrals you get, the larger the rewards- and yes! That includes a Spiritus Car valued at up to $150,000.

Cash referrals start at $10 per referral and increase incrementally for the more referrals you get.

I’m Sold!! Sign Me Up!

If you’d like to join the Green Army, Daymak is still accepting applications! Join now, why there is still space!

To find out full information on our compensation packages and to sign up for yourself, find us online at Daymak Avvenire's Green Army!

Daymak Avvenire. Spark your Curiosity.

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