British Columbia Ebike Rebate Program

In an effort to promote clean environmentally friendly transportation, and healthy lifestyle commuting the government of British Columbia starting June 1st is offering rebates for ebikes of up to $1400 for new ebike purchases (valued over $2000 before taxes)!

Here’s what you need to know,


Am I eligible for this rebate?

Residents of British Columbia that are at least 19 years of age are eligible for this rebate. Depending on your income you will land in one of three tiers that will decide how much of a rebate you get.

  • Tier 1 - $1400.00 – Income of less than $38,950
  • Tier 2- $1000.00 – Income of more than $38,950 and less than $51,130
  • Tier 3 - $350.00 – Income of more than $51,130

How do I get this rebate?

To be approved for this rebate you must complete these four steps

  • Join the waitlist - Go to to join.
  • Get approved – There are a lot of applications currently so hurry an apply and they will get to you as soon as they can.
  • Buy your bike - Once your application is approved your next step is to pick your ebike! Make sure it’s more than $2000 before taxes to be approved.
  • Claim your rebate – Submit all your documents to complete the claim at the BC Ebikes Rebate site

Are all ebikes approved for rebate?

No, only ebikes more than $2000, and are in the list of approved participating ebike retailers can receive this rebate. Fortunately for you Ebike Universe is one of them! Also they must be either brand new or Demo ebikes (no previous owner).

Paris 48V
The Paris 38V is a long range ebike for $2899 that is approved for the BC Ebike Rebate

When can I expect my rebate once submitted?

Rebates take typically about 14 days to process, and need to be claimed start to finish within 90 business days. 

I’ve purchased my ebike before June 1st 2023, am I still eligible for this rebate?  

Unfortunately, all ebike purchases before June 1st 2023 are not eligible.

I purchased my ebike after June 1st 2023, but did not apply to get the rebate. Can I get it after the fact?

Yes, submit your documents as you normally would have and wait to see if you get approved!


So if you are looking to get a high quality ebike at a even better price check out our list of British Columbia rebate approved ebikes here and get riding today! 



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