In with the old AND In with the new: Fan favourites get an upgrade and brand new EVs coming from Daymak

Some may say this was long overdue as electric vehicle sales have been taken off this Spring! With that being said, there are some units we just couldn’t part ways with. Classics like the EM1 and Rogue are all coming in the next few weeks so make sure that you are checking our stock or chatting online with one of our sales representatives to give you the inside scoop on exactly when they arrive as they will be gone before you know it, trust ME!

While everyone is clawing over each other to see who is going to be the first to get the new EM2, we got something we know you guys are going to love.  


The all-new Daymak EM4

Daymak EM4

The Daymak EM4 is a fully street legal, electric, no license…yadda yadda, you guys have probably heard this a hundred times by now. Let’s cut to the real chase. The EM4 has two removable lithium-ion batteries! (YES. Two!) Making it able to charge in your home while you leave the bike inside.

Plus, if you don’t mind carrying an extra 25 – 30 lbs or so, extra batteries can be taken with you for extended range!

Next, we have the Road Warrior

Daymak Road WarriorThis stylish new road bike is similar to the EM1 and Rogue, with some new accent features, like the turn signals that are on the side body panel and a front headlight that looks like its out a sci-fi videogame! With its full digital display, you will be given in-depth specs on how your bike is performing and even the opportunity to watch videos. (Yes watching videos on your electric scooters is now a thing)

Just make sure you’re not watching them while you’re riding!

But let’s not forget about some of the old stuff that’s getting an upgrade!

The New Yorker Fat Tire and the Manchester are both getting upgraded to 48V for more power to some of our best selling e-bikes of last year!

And the Paris 36V 2020 is coming back with some improvements including, top-loading lithium battery pack, and best of all front shocks!Daymak Paris 2020

And there’s still more to come, but I figured to keep you guys checking in on news and updates I’ll save it for a later date. Don’t think of it as clickbait, think of it as…not spoiling your dinner with candy before a big meal!

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