Bikes vs Ebikes: The Costs of Going Electric

You ever wonder why some Electric Bikes are so much more than bicycles? Me too! And that’s what we’re tackling here today at Ebike Universe. Let’s charge on ahead.

If you’ve ever taken a look at the price tags of traditional bikes and ebikes and been like “Woah- how did that happen?” You’re not alone. And while conventional non-electric bikes do come in a wide spectrum of price ranges, you’ve probably noticed that electric bikes worth their salt, start at a considerably higher price point. But that cost-point isn’t arbitrary. We’ll start at a high level and break down what makes that price what it is.


It is no surprise to anyone who imports products from overseas that aftermath of COVID-19 and it's looming variants that supply chain has taken a large hit in terms of cost of freight. Over ten times the price than that of years prior. This back log of supply has the price of electric bikes much higher than it's non-electric counter parts. 

Ebike PDI and Freight cost have increased drastically in 2021


As for PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) ebikes come with a lot more intricate parts that require a certain level of expertise to ensure that the quality of the product remains integral. Traditional ebike companies have included this extra cost, however Ebike Universe has waived all PDI fees as we believe that the end user should not pay for assurance that what you ordered arrives perfectly.


Let’s start off with big scary words- Market Economy. We’ll simplify: Basically prices are determined by what the market is willing and capable to pay. Price an item too low, and the creators can’t recoup the costs it takes to build the bike. Price too high and no one will be able to purchase it.

For those establishing the price of the Electric Bikes, there is a fine and delicate dance constantly being done between the price they need to set to make the bike feasible to produce, and the amount they can charge to make profit without pricing the bike out of the market.

Sounds a bit vague? We hear you. Let’s get down to some more tangible factors.


 Advancements in our world march on the back of SCIENCE. And science takes time, patience, trial and error and, of course, resources. But every time a product comes out with an advanced battery life, longer range, better torque, or an innovative lightweight material- thank the science and engineering teams behind the product.

Daymak Avvenire line exemplifies technology advancements for Light Electric Vehicles


These advancements require money up-front, since the bike creators have to develop the marketable features before they can sell the bike. These costs need to be recouped through the cost of the bike.

Anytime you are taking a look at a bike with a technological advancement, a feature you’ve never seen before, a style, look or feel that is new to the industry- you’re likely going to be seeing a higher price tag. What you’re paying for in the price of scientific advancement.


Lightweight, and higher quality batteries come at a notably higher price point. Lithium Ion batteries, and Lithium-Titanate are two common batteries that offer some incredible advancements, such as their long-lasting lifespan, and a significant reduction in weight. But these batteries are harder to manufacturer, so their cost is higher than other batteries that are easier to source, like Sealed Lead Acid. 

The battery paired with the addition of controllers, motors, displays, sensors  and more are some of the causes for an ebike price increase vs a bicycle.

You get what you pay for

These are factors that explain those perplexing price tags on your ebike - but keep in mind that what is “expensive” is subjective. The cost of your Ebike may be a factor in your decision to purchase one but it’s likely not the only factor. The benefits of a clean, eco-friendly form of transportation, the additional health and wellness benefits, future years of safe, convenient and enjoyable riding are all factors to consider when making your purchase. 

You may consider going with a conversion kit which offers a cheaper solution provided you already have a bicycle, however more often then not the DIY skill requirement is on the higher side, and even more so troubleshooting any errors or faults. 

Ebike Universe's goal is to have a large scope of ebikes of different configurations and styles so there's a bike at every price point. Feel free to check out our ebike section to see some of the ebikes we have to offer.



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