Best Electric Scooters for Social Distancing

Electric scooters are like, super fun. They are affordable, eco-friendly and make a great option for a hassle free commutes, especially if you are looking for quick and easy alternatives transportation options that allow for more social distance. Before you take the plunge, you might want to think about a few essential factors that can influence your choice.

  • - What will you use your escooter for? Occasional travel? Daily commute?
  • - Do you need storage?
  • - Do you have size, weight or style preferences?
  • - What do you need regarding torque and range?

Sounds like a lot but we have you covered! Let’s take a deep dive into how we ride!

If your scooter will be your new preferred method of transport to and from work or school, then you will want a scooter with a decent range. Check out our Glossary of Terms article for exactly what range is, but in short, it describes how far your Escooter can travel on a single charging cycle.

Shop: Daymak Arrow

Range is a major factor for you, you can consider a model like the Arrow with a range of up to 60 km. It’s also able to fit two riders, so you can travel with a friend. 
Torque is another thing to think about. Torque, to break it down super simply, indicates the amount of power behind the electric scooter- like how hard the motor can work to get the machine moving. Torque comes into play when the vehicle is weighed down, either by the weight of the rider and their belongings, or the strain the road conditions are putting on it.  


Shop: Daymak Eagle Deluxe

Storage is another factor to consider- do you commute with materials? Many Daymak Scooters come with a reinforced rear trunk for storage, and models like our Eagle Deluxe come with side saddle bags to increase carrying capacity. And if storage is a serious part of your job- say you work as an independent contractor in package delivery, then a scooter like our Utility Deluxe could be a stellar option for you. 


Shop: Daymak Pithog Max

And let’s say you are looking for a scooter that can handle more rugged terrain? Consider the Pithog Max or the Daymak Beast 2. These are two models that excel in both on-road and off-road conditions, making them great options for extended outdoor use.


Shop: Escooterinabox

Let’s say you don’t need a big machine- just a fast and convenient device that can get you from point A to B while being easy to stow and store. In those cases, an electric scooter like our Escooterinabox  are perfect options. Not only are they great for small spaces, but their lightweight and collapsible frame make them a breeze to disassemble and travel with.


Shop: EM4

If style matters to you, we have some sleek options with major curb appeal. In fact, our EM2, EM4 and Road Warrior scooters are designed to look and feel more like a traditional motorcycle.In fact, our newest models the EM4 and Road Warrior have additional features like lighted exhaust pipes and augmented sound to emulate a conventional motorcycle- minus all those pesky carbon emissions.  They are head turners, for sure.  



Electric scooters make a great alternative form of travel when we are trying to be socially distant. You can take charge of your commute, your way- along with the added benefit of going with a cleaner, greener travel option. 

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