Basics of Electric Bike Battery Care

Batteries can be one of the most expensive things to replace and repair on your eBike. Yet the maintenance and care required for eBike batteries still lead to a lot of confusion. So today, we are tackling battery care 101. Let’s get our charge on!

Battery Power Recap! When To Charge

Regardless of the type of unit you have, you should have a battery power indicator. When you look at your gauge and it indicates your eBikes’ power has dropped substantially, it’s time to charge it.

Always charge Your Battery After Use

After riding your eBike, it is best practice to charge it to full upon ending your trip. A battery’s power can drain even when the battery is not actively in use. Your battery’s range is how far your eBike can carry you autonomously on one full charge cycle.

Do Not Overcharge Your Battery

While it is important not to let your battery reach zero charge at all, it’s also crucial to not overcharge the battery. Once plugged in, the power bar should indicate when fully charged. Remove the battery from the power source as soon as possible once it has reached a full charge. Overcharging a battery can reduce battery life and overall performance.



NEVER Place A Lead Acid Battery On Concrete!

Concrete can drain a battery’s power and neutralize the lead-acid. Placing a Sealed Lead Acid Battery on concrete for even a small amount of time can result in battery damage, and a reduction in both battery lifespan and overall performance.

Charge Your Battery When Not In Use

If you have put your eBike away- say for the winter season- it is best practice to charge the battery, every month or so. This is because the battery can slowly lose charge even when it is not in use. Occasionally charging the battery will keep it in good working order and keep it from trickling down to zero charge- which is also damaging to the battery over time.

Always Ensure You Are Charging The Battery Properly
Your unit should have solid and comprehensive instructions for proper battery charging. But just in case, follow these guidelines:
  • - Turn off your eBike prior to charging 
  • - Plug the female end of the charger cable into the charging slot on the eBike
  • - Plug the male end of the charger power cable into your wall socket  (Ensure the household electricity supply is appropriate. Standard is usually a 110v Household electricity supply. 
  • - Allow the eBikes’ battery to charge until full. 
  • - Disconnect the charger when ready.


We hope these battery tips have helped you with your battery basics! These basics are just the tip of the iceberg and we look forward to sharing more with you! If you have battery tips, we’d love to hear them! Until then, charge on. 


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