A Helpful Ebike Anti-Theft Guide

You love your electric vehicle, don't you? Of course you do, that's why you're here! And I bet you want to keep it safe, don't you?

So do we. That’s why we are here without Our Anti-Theft Guide. Let’s get it locked, loaded and ready to go! 

A quality electric vehicle is an investment, and when properly maintained, it can pay dividends over its lifespan. They are worth keeping safe, and they are always highly prized gems to those sneaky thieves looking for a high-quality item that can quickly turn into cash.

Let’s jump into how we can keep your electric bike, or scooter safe! 


First thing is first- let’s tackle cost. You should be prepared to spend around 10% of the value of your Unit on associated security costs. If you have an Ebike that costs $1,500, be prepared to spend upwards of $150.00 on quality security features.                                                                               

Get an alarm

An alarm with sound activation is a great and extremely attention-grabbing way to deter criminals, and because it draws attention, you’ll be more likely to have witnesses in the event that the theft is seen. 

Security Devices - Locks!

Pro-tip: Get at least TWO locks that are different makes and styles, - like a chain lock and a U lock-and use them together. Having two different locks means a potential thief has to 1) have two different sets of tools, or understand how to break into two different locks 2) spend more time getting your device. These two factors increase risk for the thief since they ultimately make your device harder to get quickly and easily. 

Where to lock

We know locks are important, but you know what else matters? Where you place the lock on your device. If you have an Ebike, consider locking through the frame and the back wheel- two of the most expensive parts of the unit.

Lock individual parts


On the note of lock locations- lock individual parts, like the wheels and the saddle- this creates more difficulty for the thief by adding time, and hassle. 

Location of storing

Location of storing the bike safely

Where you lock your unit is a big deal. When possible, always take your unit inside, and if your unit has a removable battery, take it out and take it with you. This is even more helpful in winter when cold weather can reduce the efficiency of your battery.

We can’t always lock a unit inside though. So when you can’t store your device inside, be careful where to lock it outdoors. Public and high traffic areas reduce the likelihood of theft, especially during the day- but don’t get a false sense of security either. Theft can happen anywhere at any time.

It’s a good idea to never store your unit outside overnight, no matter how safe you think the location may be. When you’re storing your unit outdoors during the day, consider these tips:

  • - Lock your unit to a stable and immovable apparatus. If the thing your unit is locked to isn’t safe or stable- neither is your unit. 
  • - If possible, lock your EV in a location where you can see it
  • - Take an essential part of the unit with you when you leave- like a tire, the battery, the saddle, or another vital and important piece that will make the unit incomplete if taken by a thief. 
  • - If your unit is foldable or collapsible, consider collapsing it and then locking it. Bonus points if you do that AND take the wheels and battery. A thief may be intimidated by not knowing how to re-assemble the unit without drawing attention to themselves. 

    When possible- lock the unit near an established reputable location, such as near a bank, or building with a security guard or security cameras. This deters criminals, even if the guards or cameras are not responsible for keeping your unit safe, they provide passive protection that can stop theft. If your unit is stolen, footage or witnesses may be able to provide additional assistance in reclaiming it.

    Lock your EV in a force-damage capacity

    Pro-Tip here: Lock your unit in a way that will destroy or damage it if it is improperly handled. This might seem dangerous, but think about it- you will know how to reassemble the locking system properly, and a thief who does not will not be interested in obtaining your device if getting it requires them to ruin it or it’s value in the process. 

    Change the routine

    Some criminals are clever, and they may actually scope out a mark days or weeks before striking. This is called “Casing”, and it’s very hard to spot. If you have a high value item, a possible thief may take notice and keep tabs on the area to find out when you show up, what locks you use, when you leave, and if you have any routine habits that they may be able to exploit. You can address this preventively by not having a set routine.

    Try these tips for changing your routine:

    • Change up the locks you use, consider multiple backup locks with different types and styles
    • If your unit has identifying markers, consider switching them up from time to time. 
    • rotate your locking locations, both where you lock the unit, and where you put the locks on the unit

    Make your unit unattractive


    If your unit doesn’t look expensive, or fancy, or in general, like it can command quick and easy cash, a thief may overlook it for an option that provides faster turn around. This doesn’t mean you need to destroy your electric vehicle, it means that if it doesn’t draw attention to itself, or draw attention to it’s expensive aspects, it can be a benefit in the long run. Remove or reduce to visibility of high-value items, like batteries, wheels, or expensive detachable components. And, if your style suits it, consider more neutral unobtrusive colors. 

    Get tracking access


    There are tons of products on the market that are built to help you never lose your keys or wallet or cell phone. Some of them have GSP systems built in, some ring painfully loudly, others use Bluetooth or radio frequencies for location- but consider that they can locate more than keys. If it’s small, hard to notice and has a good range- find one you like and stick it to your unit. If it’s stolen, you’ll be able to track it.

    Insure your unit


    Not all home insurance covers Electric vehicles, but if you have housing insurance of any kind, renters or home-owners, check and see if they cover electric vehicles. If your unit is stolen while it’s on your property, you may at least be able to get some assistance in finding or replacing it through insurance.

    And don’t stop at housing insurance, you can get this LEV insurance if you want to, just find an insurance provided that works for you.

    And while we are talking about the worst case scenario- your EV getting successfully stolen- write your EV’s Serial number on it and register it. This will be very helpful in tracking the unit later, or in the event that your unit can be found through the registration number. 

    Remove detachable luxuries

    You might keep your unit but lose other costly items or accessories you use with it, such as a saddle, attachable storage or other accessories. Consider removing these two before you leave your unit unattended. A Thief won’t thank you for the forward thinking- but your wallet will. 


    We hope these tips and tricks will help you and your EV stay safe out there. If you want to follow us for some amazing LEV content, check out the rest of the videos on our channel or find us online. If you want to share your anti-theft tips, drop me a comment below!

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      Some good general tips. For more detailed information, check out ebikeforfun.com for security and safety tips for older e-bikers.

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