5 Amazing Facts About LEVs You Will Want To Know!

You may have heard the old stand-bys before: ebikes are super niche. But today, we are here to give some reality-checking fun facts about ebikes, that you may not have known- or at least, we are myth busting them from a different angle. Let’s check it out.


1. Range Might Be More Than You Think

Range indicates the amount of distance an ebike can carry you autonomously. The major distinction here is the word autonomously, meaning without any additional power whatsoever. Yet ebikes are designed to assist your speed as well as provide independent speed.

Looking at the perfect ebike, but concerned it only has 40 km in range? Remember that 40 km is autonomous, therefore it can be dramatically extended by using your pedal assist, coasting where applicable, planning a more level route, keeping great tire pressure, and monitoring your carry-weight. When you are supplementing your battery with your muscle strength, you might get more extended range than you think!


2. They Are Speed Capped For a Very Good Reason

Speed caps for light electric vehicles are typically capped around 32 km/h- but this is done for a very good reason! Ebikes and other LEVs are free to ride without licenses, registration or insurance, in part due to the safety-cap on their speed limit. This speed cap ensures a fair amount protection against life threatening injury in the event of a quick stop (although not guaranteed if you hit head-on to another object).

It might be tempting to “tune,” “augment,” or “hack” your unit to increase speed- but it is not an advisable act. Hacking an ebike or other LEV is dangerous for a user without professional experience. Even with experience, this augmentation likely voids the warranty on the device, risks damaging the unit and it’s battery, and most importantly risks serious injury or death. Not only that, but without insurance, in the event you or someone else is injured as the result of an accident, you may be on the hook for the damages, with little legal recourse.

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3. Yes, You Can Get A Great Workout

Remember that pedal assist we were talking about? Well now you have another great reason to use it. It’s a great way to get a fantastic workout. Planning a route this beautiful, but hilly terrain but have fitness goals that require consistent and moderate physical activity? You can strategically use the motor and pedal assist to get a consistent pace, even when you are traversing difficult terrain.

EBikes provide a great way to incorporate regular physical activity into your routine. By having access to a zero-emission vehicle that can replace a traditional car for short trips, like to the store, you are creating an opportunity to help the planet, and your health at the same time!

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4. They Are Actually A Good Investment

It’s not uncommon to balk at the price tag of a high-end light electric vehicle. Afterall, the costs may create some sticker shock when you factor in the costs of replacements, repairs and maintenance.  It’s important to keep in mind that you are getting what you pay for. Lightweight aluminum frames and high-performance batteries are quality investments that pay dividends throughout the lifespan of your unit. But with proper care, an ebike can remain in high-performance shape for years. Charging the units’ battery is pennies in comparison to the cost of fueling a car with a tank of fossil-fuel.

In short, if you are using your eBike on a regular basis, it is actively costing you less than a car. When you factor in the cost of a car, insurance, fuel, upkeep and maintenance (not to mention the lack of resale value) an LEV quickly out performs a car economically dollar-for-dollar.

5. It’s a Multi-Faceted Hobby

Light electric vehicles aren’t going anywhere. As the LEV industry grows in popularity, it’s fan base increases in diversity. You are no longer joining a fringe community when you purchase an eBike- you’re joining a movement. Looking to expand your social circle for social entertainment? An eBike community may be perfect? Interested in engaging in fun and eco-friendly leisure activity? You’ll certainly find it in an LEV riding group. Curious about how to get more involved in the green-revolution? You’ll be seeing a lot of like minded people in the LEV community. A hobby with countless plus sides, there has never been a better time to get involved in the LEV world.

Oh-  and here’s one more bonus myth buster: you CAN ride them in the rain. Usually. Provided that the electrical components are locked away properly and unexposed. And if you have an eBike that is foldable, or collapsible, has knicks or damage, you may want to check with a service provided before you decide to take on a trail in the middle of a downpour. 


We hope these facts about LEVs have encouraged you to take the plunge and get one for yourself. It may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! 

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