Daymak Vermont 36V Electric Bicycle


  • Brand: Daymak
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  • SKU: 300-VE300-350-20-01

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The minimalistic sleek new Vermont 36V is the stylish upgrade to its predecessor. The Vermont 36V utilizes a “no-frills” design that keeps the rider focused on what is most important; riding! With a stylish yet comfortable brown leather seat that holds the extra battery pack for extended you can ride comfortably further! Choose your riding mode with the automatic pedal assist that gently pushes you as you pedal or take it fully automatic and turn the throttle for maximum power. With the new Daymak Vermont 36V we have taken the popular ebike and made it simpler, sleeker and ready to ride.

It is important for people during this trying time to avoid crowds to help reduce the spread of infections. By choosing transportation methods like ebikes instead of mass transit, you can help protect yourself and reduce the spread of viruses in an environmentally conscious way.

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