Daymak Road Warrior 72V Electric Scooter


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Take to the streets with a modern, sleek electric sports bike that commands the road.


For those who want style and substance

Capturing an almost futuristic feel, the Road Warrior has a sleek design with its two-tone accents to make this one of the stylish-looking scooters among the Daymak fleet. With its front headlight reminiscent of a sci-fi movie, be sure to be noticed on the road and turn heads while off the road.


Bluetooth, Radio, MP3, Video Display

The Road Warrior has the extra features that exemplify its technology even when not being driven. The Road Warrior comes with a full chromatic 4-inch LED display that allows you to listen to your playlists wirelessly from your smart device, or choose from a local FM radio station. It also can play video and MP3s via USB so when you’re in-between trips you can watch your favorite shows.


Light up Exhaust

The Road Warrior also comes with light-up exhaust pipes, that give you the option to make ignition revving noises as you engage the throttle. Great for riding at night to make sure traffic or pedestrians are aware that you’re around. And of best of all, no emissions!


Stop quickly with the Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Come to a stop the moment you need to with the hydraulic disc brakes on the Road Warrior. With this top-end braking technology, feel secure while riding so you can focus on the road.


Glove compartment storage

With the lockable glove compartment storage, you can easily bring your charger or anything else you may need and store it securely.


Adventure and thrills for two

Some of the best trips are shared with a friend and the Road Warrior has got that covered. With the additional rider pegs and raised seat, you can make your solo adventure into a duo. 



Backed with Range and Power

The Road Warrior comes with a 72V 32AH lead-acid battery pack that gives you the range to travel up to 60 km on a single charge, giving you the freedom to go that much further and extend the adventure.

* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo*




Name Road Warrior
Speed 32 km/h
Range Up to 60 km
Battery Lead Acid
Battery Life 300 cycles
Voltage 72V
Amp Hour 32AH
Watt Hours 2304WH
Pedal Assist N/A
Speed Levels 3 Speeds
Motor 500W
Throttle Full Twist
Cruise Control Yes
Display Interactive Full Color
Front Wheel 120/70-12
Rear Wheel 130/70-12
Battery Weight 132 lbs.
Boxed Length 69
Boxed Width 22
Box Height 43
Boxed Weight 320 lbs.
Assembled Length 67"
Assembled Width 32"
Assembled Height 40"
Assembled Weight 250 lbs.
Ground Clearance 9"
Seat Height 29"
Seat Width 8"
Seat Length 25"
Wheel Base 49"
Frame Size N/A
Removable Battery Only During Replacement
Lights LED
Charger 72V 2.5A 110V 
Charge Time 8 - 10 Hours
Max Load 400 lbs.
Climbing Incline 25 degrees
Front Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Gauges Battery Level / Speedometer / Odometer / Voltage / Volume
Ignition Key Ignition / Remote Start
Front Shocks 5" of Travel
Rear Shocks Coil
Controller Daymak Drive Bluetooth
Rear / Basket Storage No
Under Seat Storage No
Rear / Basket Storage Volume N/A
Under Seat / Glove Storage 1053 Cubic Inch
MP3  Yes + MP4 Playback
Occupancy 2
Alarm Yes
Steering Lock Yes
Center Kickstand No
Foldable No
Folded Dimenison N/A


Daymak Road Warrior 72V from Daymak on Vimeo.


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